Field reports

Working as a software developer means that most of the time that I work indoors behind a desk and my monitors are the windows to the world. To expand our view on the world, me and my XYL like to go outdoors and setup a field shack where ever we go.To get insperation I would highly recommend joining the public Facebook group : Field Radio. who contains lot of field reports, pictures, Q&A etc. Enjoy the outdoor like we do. Check out the fieldreports on my website.

A few years ago I made a small A5 leaflet (PDF) which I can handout to people asking questions to ex-plane what I'm doing in the field with a funny note (it looks like bird watches leaflet) . It's in Dutch, but when you want to, you can make a copy of it from the Google Docs source document and translate it in you're own language (a link to my website is highly appreciated).

Edit 2019-06-10 :

Yes I have been a bit lazy regarding the field reports. But trust me, I have done a lot. Check out my Instagram account :-)


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Are you a amateur radio operator with a passion for portable operations outside?

Then be sure to check out the Field Radio group on Facebook or there website at, both founded by Joe K9ATG. There you will find lots of other likeminded ham operators, get inspiration for great idea's, can read field radio stories (often including great pictures) and offcourse find lots of information about fieldradio.


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