Fieldradio 2020

It has been almost a year until I wrote a new entry in my Field Reports section of this website. 

The COVID19 pandemic and major changes in my personal life took more energy then I could bring up documenting the walks.  
I made  a few walks this year but non of them I documented because I took time to absorb the  moment it self. Sorry for that.


25 December

On the first Christmas day after the children went to there mother, I packed my back-pack and took a bike-ride of 15Km to get some exercise (working from home tents to lag that exercise).

Next to the right of the large solarpanel field shy north of my QTH they made a  public accessible path for recreational porpoises. 


  (google.maps link)

Left and right of the path they planted little trees which due to there size still need support by poles. And these poles are perfect to strap my 15m glass fiber pole to it. 

Setting up my 10/20/40m endfed as a sloper I started to listen to the amateur bands. And even with the larges sollar panels next to me there was no QRM. 
A relief to have a low background noise instead of the S9 QRM at home. Worked a few European stations and due to the grey line, I could listen to stations from US, Canada, Indonesia, Japan and even S1 stations where no problem to copy. 


I think I'm going to make this me dedicated outdoor hamradio spot for the upcoming months. 

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