Fieldradio 2014

Note : there are a lot of photos missing. The old pages had them linked to my Instagram account, but they changed the URL's and are harder to retrieve. 

2e Christmas day 2014

Second Christmas day qrp field walk with the XYL. Working variouse stations from JO32fi (52.3529 - 6.4334) with my FT817nd just 2.5 watt in the original portable 6m/2m/70cm (matched with a LDG Z817) on 10m. Top of the day were Alex RW3RN, Aris SV3FUP and Makl UR5MKB. Distances where 2032km, 1954km and 1772km . So a nice km/watt Happy with the results.

28 december - G5RV /J first field test

Although its just 1°C with a 3 bft wind i wanted to test my newly build G5RV/J in the field. First scan with the RigExpert gave a promissing result.

After some alignment made a few QSO's and got good signal reports. Happy with the results.

Nov 2014  

PA Beker 2014 : outdoor /QRP style

Wanted to try something different. And did the PA beker 2014 outdoor /QRP style :-)

After PA beker 2014 : outdoor /QRP style, still enjoying the weather and making aditional non contest QSO's.

Aug 2014


Visiting PI4UTR

Visiting PI4UTR "Veron A08 Centrum" on request of PD5WL. Due to the nice weather it became a relaxing fieldday with interesting talks and we had also some hamradio satellite demo's.


Jul 2014


Sunday QRP field afternoon

a sunday qrp "i want to test my new diy Multibandfuchs by DL7AQT" fieldafternoon. Because of the nice weather XYL Eva packed a few books and came along to relax. (info about the design : )


Summer in the city

Spend a today at a recration lake and put my fieldkit case with the FT-817 to work. While the kids where playing at the beach and in the water and my girlfriend was charging up in the sun, I hangout my 20/40m endfed. After some tuning and.listening I fired up te hole 2.5watt ;-) and started to search the "Fair" bands. And made some nice QSO's to : IQ3TN, F4HHL, IN3HUU, GA14CG and a very nice long QSO to HB9EWB/P exchanging equipment and setup information. So a well spend QRP lazy day setup.

The nextday it was still hot and the kids wanted to go again.

Jun 2014

The evening of the 18 of June had perfect weather for a "field evening", so I packed my bag and took a walk to a nearby field. We all know that QRP is fun and although the conditions weren't that good, yesterdays evening best was a QSO with Nick RU3FM (my rst 57 his rst 59+30) over a distance 2059 km. yep, i'm a happy puppy

Setup : FT-817 with 2.5W in a 20/40m DIY endfed (horizontal between 2 trees aprx 8m above ground)

Note to my self : bring a aditional 12V battery pack in case you forget to fully charge the FT-817.

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