Fieldradio 2018

20 May

I had a great afternoon with Wijnand PD5WL on the Disselberg JO32gm near Diffelen working 2m 70cm and 40m. Nice bunch of QSO's in the log and gave away a few point in the RSGB 144 MHz backpackers contest.

The Distelbelt is a small nature reserve in the east part of the Netherlands (JO32gn) and has a nice small artivisual hill which can be used by visiters as a lookout post to spot birds, enjoy the view etc. It's one of my favourite locations because of the low man made noise in that area and offcourse the view. My XYL and I even go there to look at the stars (low artificial light) with a telescope.

There is always time for refreshments (luckily a ice cream van came by)

Our setup : 12.5m glassfiber pole with 20m endfed antenna connected to a Yaesu FT897D. 2m/70cm arrow antenna mounted on a Manfrotto 055 Pro photo tripod connected to a Yaesu FT817.

Wijnand PD5WL working a few UK stations in the RSGB Backpackers contest. Running 2.5W in arrow antenna (3 elm 2m) mounted on a Manfrotto 055 Pro Tripod.

His personal best scores where :

G8T - JO01kj <= 407.84 Km => PD5WL - JO32gm
G3M - JO01qd < 386.44 Km => PD5WL - JO32gm

Great afternoon with some great QSO's in the Log.

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