Support & Tip Jar 

This website I use as a place to post stuff which I thing might help or inspire others on there Hamradio and modelrailroading path. The information on it is for free, there are no ads*  and I am glad to share it with you. I don't have sponsors, don't get money from social media companies like YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter etc.,  meaning that all my experiments and the hosting of this website are paid out of my own pockets. Which is OK, I do have a daytime job to get the bills payed.  

* I have been asked to put ads and place branded content on this website  because I get +500 visits a day and +2K unique visitors a month.

But when you like to content on this website, you can support me by :

  • buying parts I have left over (see the For Sale page).
  • send a small token of appropriation to support my work through my page
  • share links to pages you like on you own website or blog. 
  • share links to pages you like on your social media.
  • spread the word :-)

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