About For Sale / shipping cost

Hamradio  is all about experimenting so often I  design and order PCB's, design and print things on my 3D designs and order components in larger then needed quantities (sometime in experiments things get broken or release there magic smoke) that's why I often have spare PCB's, components, 3D printed parts etc, laying around and what I don't use, I put on sale.
So when you see a project with PCB designs and 3D printed parts I designed my self, there is a big change that I have a few spare on stock (the 3D printed can be printed on demand). 

When you buy my left-overs, you are supporting me to do new hamradio and maker experiments which most of the time are published on my website and are publicly accessible to benefit the hamradio and maker community. 

See what I have for sale in the menu on the left of the page. 

You can order using this email order form

Important note about shipping and package cost

In the past I could easily send parts in a bubble wrap envelops all over the world with just a few $/euro on postage. But due to new international regulations (issued by Universal Postal Union) activated on the first January 2020, the Dutch postal services has gone full 1984 / Nazi regarding sending small products in envelops to other countries (link and link). It isn't allowed any more and all products intercepts will be returned to sender or even get destroyed.  Now the only way to send products to other countries is to use expensive package service (even if you stuff it in a envelop, go figure) and you have to digitally pre-advice the package (including the content description to "have better and smother service" see video on this link).  

Examples of current international postage rates (January 2023 - updated)

Weight   EUR 1 *  EUR 2 *   ROW *
0 to 100 gr  euro 5,70  euro 7,40  euro 11,50
100 gr to 500 gr  euro 9,00  euro 10,00  euro 12,50
501 gr to 1 Kg  euro 9,90  euro 12,40  euro 20,20
1 Kg to 2 Kg  euro 10,20  euro 12,70  euro 20,50


EUR 1: Belgium, Denmark (excl. Faroe Islands and
Greenland), Germany, France, (incl. Corsica and Monaco),
Italy (excl. San Marino and Vatican City), Luxembourg,
Austria, Spain (incl. Balearic Islands, excl. Canary Islands),

EUR 2: all other countries in Europe (excl. Russia).

ROW (Rest of the world): all other countries (incl. Russia).

Track and Trace : Above prices include track & trace, but some countries don't support track & trace.


And to make things better (kind of)

And to make thing even more 1984 / Nazi, they are working on new regulations that you have to ID yourself when you are dropping of the package (sender address and name should match that on you ID). So my father can't drop off packages for me when I work full day shifts and the stores are closed when I get home (and no there is no post-office near by where I work). 

For the Netherlands postage rates (January 2020)  

Small 3D printed parts, PCB's and kits, can be shipped as "brievenbus pakketje"  euro 4,10 (excl package material) if possible and a few single small / thin components / pcbs can be send in a bubble wrap envelope starting at euro 1,92 (excl package material).

What with the "excl package material" ?  

Depending on how much you buy from me, I may charge you a small fee for the packing material is use. This is because the packing material I use is brand new and I have to buy them (yes I do recycle but don't always have used packing material).

  • For a A4 "brievenbus pakketje" box I charge euro 0,75.
  • For a A5 "brievenbus pakketje" box I charge euro 0,50.
  • For a A5 bubble wrap envelope i charge euro 0,30. 
  • Large boxes on request. 


What don't you use FedEx Express / TNT / DHL / UPS ?   

I got the question why I don't use FedEx/TNT for my shippings and was told that Hans (QRP-Labs) is using FedEx/TNT at the moment a lot.
Hans probably has a good deal with FedEx/TNT because he is a business (I'm not) and sending a lot (1K++) of packages a year.
I have looked into that (and various other express services). When I want to send a envelop with goods or a small package for example from my city to New York City. The lowest price I will get for one parcel is euro 63,90 and it will be delivered in 2 days. I can't even select a slow option (for example 5 business days). 
I think the price is that high because they are picking up the parcels from your home/business and they only have a few drop-off points in the Netherlands (the closest is 100Km from my home). 

When I want to send 10 packages the total prices will be euro 99,65 (they only have to drive once to pick them up). 
Dropping the per package price to less then euro 10,00 excl VAT. But I haven't found a way to add different addresses in one bulk order to get a discount.  
Also It's hard for me collect 10 orders


Yeah, but, Opensource etc, could you send me the Gerber, STL, Sourcode ?

Most of my designs are opensource, because they are based on opensource projects or I want to add something to the hamradio/makers/diy community etc. If a design of my is opensource, you will find and download them from this website or on Thingiverse.com , Github.com or Tinkercad.com and you are glad to use, modify, make etc them depending on the Opensource license connected to it..  

But not all my designs are opensource. Like stated in my Support & Tip Jar page,  I don't have sponsors, don't get money from social media companies like YouTubeFaceBookInstagramTwitter etc.,  meaning that all my experiments and the hosting of this website are paid out of my own pockets. So for starters I don't share my non-opensource designs. I have experienced several times that things I made and published, ended up claimed to be made by others, taking the full credit and when selling asking $ for it. 

So when you want a PCB or 3D which I designed, which is not opensource, I am willing to sell physical products to you (while stocks last). The selling price is the cost price + a fee as a token of appropriation / commission to support my work. The fee may varies depending on the complexity of the design, size and time/effort it took me to get the physical products.
My goal is to keep my physical production costs a low as possible, so even with a fee, it is still interesting for people to buy. So when I order PCB's I use slow delivery instead of fast DHL etc because that would cost 4 to 5 times more then normal air mail and would increase the sell price of the chart. 

But sometimes the shipping cost / sell price is extremely out of balance (for example a $2 dollar 3D printed part with $23 postal charge). For chose cases we have a few options : 

  1. I willing to help you out by send the designs to a local producers and put you address as the delivery address for the production coast and a fee as a token of appropriation / commission to support my work (fee will depend on how much work is made to set this up).
  2. For personal (explicit non-commercial usage) I might agree on sending you the Gerber / STL files so you can make default quantity #1 for your self at your local PCB / 3D printing company or at your own 3D printer in exchange for a small fee as a token of appropriation / commission to support my work.
  3. For groups like Hamradio groups (explicit non-commercial usage) I might agree on sending you the Gerber / STL files so you can make a small series #2 for your group at your local PCB / 3D printing company or at your own 3D printer in exchange for a small fee per product as a token of appropriation / commission to support my work.   

#1 for example when I allow you to order a set of PCB's at OSH park the default quantity is 3. For a 3D print the default quantity is 1. 

#2 a small series is the number we agree upon. 

When we agree on method #2 and #3, the mail exchange will be a legal agreement that you are under no circumstances allowed to distribute or re-sell the source file or reproduce and sell products based on my design other then we agreed one. When this agreement is broken, legal action will be made. 

When you see a business opportunity on selling my designs in your country, we can talk about it please use the contact form.