Twisting enamel wire

For a while I have been twisting wire using my Makita cordless drill to twist the wires at slow speed on a slow speed. For a trifilar wire I cut 3 lengths of wire and twist the beginning together and make a 90 dgr angle.
I clamp that in the chuck of my Makita. 


Twist the other end over a screw driver.


And your ready to go. 


Powering up the Makita on a slow speed and stop until you have a nice twist (don't over do it). 


Nice and not to tight. 


It works but sometimes the wires slip and it becomes a mess which you can through away in to the bin. 

A simple wire twist tool 

So to prevent this and because I had to twist a lot more wires, I wanted to make a simple tool which could hold up to 3 wires. 

I used 2 M8x30 bolts and in each head I drilled 3 holes of 1.5mm.


Using my lathe I removed the lettering from the head. 


A M8 wing nut is used to clamp the wires 


and when all 3 wires where the same length


 it was twisting time. 

The result up close.


This works for me :-)

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