Cargo for freight wagon

Adding cargo to a old freight wagon

First I created a nice real wood floor and added a few washed to make it look darker and used.



Then I added a stack of sleepers which I made and weathered before (note to my self :  add a article about how I did that). The sleepers were taken from a Lenz 0 gauge track segment.


These is where a lot of pictures of the individual steps should have been posted.  The next time I'm going to create cargo I will take pictures of the individual steps.

But I can tell you some things I did.

The piles of sand and crushed stone on the right side, are created by first cutting a piece of Styrofoam in the shape of the pile. Then I used woodglue to glue it in place and also cover the Styrofoam. Immediately  I applied the sand and crushed stone and let it dry. After that I applied another layer of woodglue and again applied the sand and crushed stone. When it was dry again I applied more  sand and crushed stones and used a mixture of water and woodglue to fixate them. I used a few different Vallejo ModelWashes to add texture to the sand and crushed stones. incl some algae.


For the railroad tracks I used parts of a Lenz 0 gauge track segment (just like the sleepers) and I used a primer before I painted them with a dark rust color. I glued them in the freight car and after the glue was dry,  I applied a few washes of Vallejo ModelWash 76.505 (Light Rust).

The palletbox I made before (see this article) was added to hold railroad construction parts. I thinking about adding a few buckets, tools etc.

The drum is 3D printed based on a design which I made from scratch because I couldn't find any nice designs on the internet. The design is close-source but these drums will be available in my shop in the near future (there will be various models and sizes like a open drum with lit, a closed drum, etc).  


After I made the cargo weathered the freightwagon. In time I will take some pictures from the end result and will place them in this article.



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