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One of the typical German railroad buildings is a Fernsprechbude. A small / simple building which contains communication equipment to be used by railroad personal. Modelkits of this building can be bought from variouse suppliers, but on the Drehscheibe online forum there I found a article about "Die Fernsprechbude aus Wellblech mit innerer Holzverschalung". Which gave me a lot of inspration to build one my self.

So I made a few sketches to get a idea about the required size.

For the siding I used Evergreen 4528 - .080" Opaque white polystyrene corrugated siding. which is .040" (1.0mm) thick and has .080" (2.0mm) groove spacing with a .027" (.68mm) rib width. Which is a very good scaled match for the real sides.

For the front part of the cabin I initaly used a Evergreen 9020 - .020" (.50MM) Plain Opaque white polystyrene sheet. I cut out the window out on one of the sides and used Evergreen 261 - .060" (1.5MM) Opaque white polystyrene channel for the glass rebate. After some cutting and corner sanding the first parts where ready.

For the corners of the cabin I use Evergreen 291 - .060" (1.5MM) Opaque white polystyrene angle profiles on the outside to give a realistic construction look.

For the base plate I used Evergreen 9040 - .040" (1.0MM) Plain Opaque white polystyrene sheet cut in the shape as shown in the article above.

TODO add photo

Glueing it all together it starts to look nice.

The door is also made from the Evergreen 4528 - .080" Opaque white polystyrene corrugated siding. A small strip of the Evergreen 291 - .060" (1.5MM) Opaque white polystyrene angle profile is added above to prevent rain entering above the door.

Heating a piece of Evergreen 4528 - .080" Opaque white polystyrene corrugated siding with a electric paint stripper laying on piece of roundwood made the shape of the roof of the cabin.

Using a piece of the 0.5mm sheet and some left over parts from previouse projects I made the backplane.

Because the cabine has wooden interieur, I added wood veneer on the backplane and made the sides and the floor on a thin piece of paper cut to size. To give a more realistic look I used variouse paints to weather the wood.

Then the cabine itself got a paint job.

Top view.

And another photo.

And another.


Then it was time to make the back plane with the phone on it. Which was harder then expected because after my surgery my right hand is still a bit stiffly but I manged. The back plane is aprx 12x15mm in size. So you can do the math on the size of the phone.

Mounting the back plane on the back wall and a little paint it starts to look well. (still need the sticker on the notepad on top of the back wall).

Putting the backwall back in the cabin it all gets shape.

And the final result. I'm asking my self now, if I should add a small led light in it.

But for now I'm quite happy with the result.

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