Spoor 0

Spoor 0

Aka 0-scale aka 0-gauge aka spur-null.

As many of my website readers know is that I like to build stuff my self and for that I have worked the last 30 years in variouse modelrailroad scales like N, HO, IIm & IIf. But sometimes you have to change to get new inspiration, so when I got my hands on some very nice Lenz Spur-0 freight cars, the idea about a new indoor modelrailroad was born.

The thing about 0-gauge is that it's large enough to build you're own buildings, cars etc (what I like), but small enough to have a not so large indoor modelrailroad layout. Altough I still like my IIm and IIf gardenrailroad, the dutch wetter isn't always the sunny one. Leaving the number of railroad hobby time in the garden to a minimum and building stuff in IIm and IIf which is weather prove is hard work. So a module based indoor 0-gauge modelrailroad it is.

The first steps . . .

...is building some small to get the new scale on hand. The first thing I build from scratch was a  Fernsprechbude .

But having the Fernsprechbude ready was just the start. I will be placed on a 0 gauge papersize diorama.

New technics, new ways to build

I have bought myself a 3D printer and using it to build 0 gauge parts, scenery and tools.

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