My second modern all mode HF/2m/70cm rig. A nice little rig which I mostly use for portable and field work. And where field work means it can be any where (at my girlfriends place, during a brake on a bicyle tour, on holidays etc).

I have noticed that when I wear my backpack on holiday's, when I'm going to work of just for a day out (beach, lake, fields, forest walks etc), this little rig is with me making 2m/70cm repeater QSO's, HF QSO's when I have time to setup a 10/15/20/40m endfed or just to listen to FM radio. Although some problems that sometimes the display gets unreadable (digit's are very hard to read, don't know why it's doing that) I just love it.

Ex-army transport box, transformed to a FT-817ND "everything together" box (how its made?)

Out in the fields.

Summer day fun, kids having fun and swimming in a recreation lake, girlfriend charging up in the sun and PH2LB having QRP QSO's (and explaining to interested people what ham radio is all about).

More info at RigPix.

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