Yaesu FT-897

My first modern all mode HF/2m/70cm rig. Bought it from a OM who stoped with hamradio (he proberbly will regret it) because I wanted to have fieldday set and a good set to use for digital modes.

Use it for the HF monitoring and QSO's and sometimes for monitoring and QSO's on 2m/70cm (programmed it with all the dutch 2m/70cm frequencies). Added a homemade external meter based on design of this design. And made a interface box and catinterface based on a FTDI USB/serial converter chip. 

Some people think it's a compromise rig, but it works for me (proberbly don't know better ;-) and it's handy enought to be used for field experiments.

http://www.bolkesteijn.nl/blog/images/hamradio/ft897.jpg More info at RigPix.

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