LoRA Node models

LoRA Node modules

After doing some experiments with a few DIY nodes I started to use different models desigend by people who create way more fancier PCB's then I do.

Here's a list of node designs I really like.



On the webpage from Thomas van Bellegem (Belgium) he designed a new LoRaWAN node with a Atmega1284P processor on board and the possibility to support a RN2483 or a RFM9x module.



Node images, drawing and specs (c) Thomas van Bellegem.

  • Atmel Atmega1284P (Arduino compatible, incl. bootloader & library)
  • 40 x 25 mm
Operating voltage
  • 3.3V (onboard regulator)
I/O pins
  • 24 available pins (Digital I/O, Analog input, PWM, UART, SPI & I2C)
Flash memory
  • 128 KB (4x more than Arduino Uno)
  • 16 KB (8x more than Arduino Uno)
  • 4 KB (4x more than Arduino Uno)
Clock speed
  • 8 MHz
  • 5V USB power
  • 3.7V LiPo battery
  • Solar charge controller with status LED, up to 500mA charge current (max. 6V input)
  • RGB LED + extra blue LED
  • HopeRF RFM9X
  • Microchip RN2483 / RN2903 (High-band only)
  • U.FL and/or SMA connector
  • FTDI programming header
  • Default JST battery connector
  • Buid-in battery voltage measurement
  • Onboard reset switch
  • Breadboard compatible headers

After exchanging a few e-mails with Q&A, I ordered 2 nodes, one with the RN2483 and one with a RFM95W on it. The posibility for the proto shields gives me good opertunities to experiment with them.

One of the things I build with this node is a TTN GPS tracker which can be found at LoRA GPS Tracker


CH2I Arduino-Mini Node

TheThingsNetwork user Charles Hallard has a create Arduino Mini Pro LoRaWAN Node PCB design on github to make a small compact sensor. Checkout his GitHub page : https://github.com/hallard/Mini-LoRa

I have orded a batch of them for my LoRA environmental node.

Update : With version 1.1 he has released the design files.

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