LoRA GPS Tracker

LoRA GPS tracker

Together with fellow Hamradio operator and personal friend Wijnand PD5WL I have designed a LoRA GPS tracker which he wanted to use to track the vlets (a small sailboat) from his scouting group. The registerd waypoint would be plotted on a googlemap page so the teamleaders and the scouts could analyse the boat tour.  The sources of the LoRA GPS tracker and the backend can be found at : https://github.com/pd5wl/Track-a-vlet

Having that system up and running, I build one node for myself to track my bicycle rides and to map the coverage of my gateway (and of course of other gateways). As a basis I used of the nodes I bought from Thomas van Bellegem (link). The results are plotted on a map (sorry just on a private intranet page), but due to a good relation ship with J.P.Meijer (a LoRaWAN guru and inventer of TTNmapper.org) the waypoints (containing the gateways and RSSI's) are also plotted on TTNMapper.

The result code can be found on : https://github.com/ph2lb/TTNTracker

TODO : Add more photo's of the project.

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