Electronic project labs

I still have my first Electronic project labs. Got it for Sinterklaas when I was 10 years old (grandpa and grandma had arranged the finances with Sinterklaas) and I think that Sinterklaas bought it at Ter Meulen Post.

Although it was only 20 experiments (1/2 of which were actually the same but slightly expanded) I played with it for years and also added purchased components (had made boards with components and springs). I can say that this strengthened my interest in electronics.

Years later, I bought a 200 in 1 from a fellow Hamradio operator. It's the model they sold in the Tandy store in Almelo.
Even though the kids already are late teenagers, they played a lot with it.
Together with his son Sagen, Dave from EEVBlog made a youtube video about a similar 200 in 1 Electronics Project kit : 


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