This is what my old shack looked like. But due to the high levels of QRM on the HF bands (and sometimes also on 2m), I'm often to be found outside


Some times I call it my "Pleasure Room", although some people might expect something different. 

The meme on imgflip I made with this photo was well taken in the hamradio world and often it comes up in hamradio groups and social media channels. 


New shack aka switching rooms with my son

My son Joost is 200+cm of length, defiantly was in need of a new bed and because his old room was just 2x3m a larger room would also be much appreciated by him. 
So we switched rooms and now my shack is on the first floor (when you from the UK) / second floor (when you from the US) and my son has the attic. In which he already has a model railroad layout so some things don't really change. 

So in the second halve of September 2019 we packed everything from his room in moving box and moved it to the attic.

When his room was cleared out, there was some renovation work to do. The old radiator had a broken nob so he had to be replaced also. 

newshack_001  newshack_002

I started stripping the wall paper and painted the window frames, doorposts and panels etc (fun fact : dark blue paint, needs more then 2 layers of RAL9001 to cover it up).

newshack_003 newshack_004

And after that applied fiberglass wallpaper on the walls.

newshack_005  newshack_006

Which after a few days way painted over with white wall paint. And install the shelf rails, electricity (the room has just one wall outlet).



When I cleared out the room I also removed the old radiator. So I bought a new one, some materials and with borrowed tools in under a hour the new radiator was installed. 


And after a few weeks of doing renovations in my spare time, the new shack was almost finished. 
The result a very cozy shack which due to the new radiator also gets warm quickly. 

newshack_011 newshack_012

My shack in december 2022.


Still todo : find a way to feed in the antenna cables from outside. 


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