TinySA a cheap spectrum analyzer

This page is work in progress and will be updated frequently. 


I have my eye on a Rigol DSA815-TG  for a few years now and now a days there is the Siglent SVA1015X. With street prices of € 1180 / € 1640, both models are considered "avoidable" with the range of amateur usage. And yes I would like to have one of those in my Shack, but until there is enough hobby budget in the PH2LB hobby fund (or there will be declarable work to do), I have to dream about having a Spectrum analyzer in my shack. 

But in 2020 it all changed : the TinySA came to the marked. 

The tinySA is a small spectrum analyzer or signal generator, primarily intended for 0.1MHz to 350MHz input/output but it has some nice other capabilities:

  • Spectrum Analyzer with two inputs, high quality MF/HF/VHF input for 0.1MHZ-350MHz, lesser quality UHF input for 240MHz-960MHz  
  • Signal Generator with two output, sinus output for 0.1MHz - 350MHz and square wave output for 240MHz-960MHz when not used as Spectrum Analyzer.
  • Switchable resolution bandpass filters for both ranges between 2.6kHz and 640kHz
  • Color display showing 290 scan points covering up to the full low or high frequency range.
  • Input Step attenuator from 0dB to 31dB for the MF/HF/VHF input.
  • A built-in calibration signal generator that is used for automatic self test and low input calibration.
  • Connected to a PC via USB it becomes a PC controlled Spectrum Analyzer or Signal Generator
  • Rechargeable battery allowing a minimum of at least 2 hours portable use
  • Max input level +10dBm (10mW)

Due to the low cost and very small form factor there are certain relevant limitations and I still want one of the spectrum analyzers mentioned above, but I bought a  TinySA for a few months ago anyway.

And it comes in a nice box . . . 


. . . which you can use to keep everything together. 


Package content : 

  • 1 x TinySA with 2.8" display
  • 2 x SMA cables
  • 1 x SMA F/F adapter
  • 1 x Telescope antenne with SMA connector
  • 1 x strap
  • 1 x guitar plectrum to use as a stylus


To be continued . . . . . . 

Update 11 juli 2022 : I build a 40dB RF sampler to be used with my TinySA and my OZ2CPU digitale RF mW-dBm-mV meter.