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Nov 19, 2020

QRP-Labs filter adapter for the NanoVNA H4

Category: General
Posted by: lex

A few owners of the new NanoVNA H4 have requested me if I could re-design the PCB so male SMA edge connectors can be used to directly connect the adapter PCB to the NanoVNA H4.  For a while I holded it off, but recently I got my hands on a used NanoVNA H4 which I'm very happy with because of the bigger screen (yes my eyes aren't getting better). I started to use the H4 and wanted a dedicated adapter for it. So I measured  my NanoVNA H4 and it has a distance of  39.5mm and comments from other OM's indicate that it's quite constant +- 0.1mm. 

So I made a copy of the original design and changed the board layout to fit our needs. 

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