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Feb 25, 2021
Category: General
Posted by: lex

I finished the design of the Crystal Measuring Adapter (CMA) for NanoVNA  and will be making a limited amout of kit available from the left over parts.

KIt contains : PCB with the 4 SMD load resistors pre-soldered and 2 SMD 0 ohm resistors for the attenuator sections (0dB), 2 SMA female SMA edge connectors,  2 FT37-43 toroid, 1.2m 0.4mm lacker wire, HC49 crystal socket for crystal under test,  16 pin header strip,  3 jumpters, 3D printed plate with 6 pins, 2 3D printed T37 holders. 

Check out : kit for-sale page


Feb 13, 2021
Category: General
Posted by: lex

Sssst don't tel any one, but I'm working on a new NanoVNA adapter, check it out on this page.

Jan 25, 2021
Category: General
Posted by: lex

Got some new toys to play with. The all new Raspberry PI PICO. 

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