My keys

Although I suck at morse code, I still like the mechanical aspect of the morse keys. So in the years I have bought and/or build a few.

KENT hand key


KENT keys are sold completely assembled and also as kits. They are fine quality pieces of engineering and have a very nice touch. I bought my key as a "Key without base kit" (not officialy listed on there website) and made a base of fine "Twentse eiken" (oak wood from local source). It can be fully adjusted to the operators preferences. 

KENT Single paddle key


I got my hands on this KENT Single Paddle Key used but in very good condition a few years ago. And have to say I like it a bit more then the KENT Twine Paddle Key (I had one but sold it to a fellow OM who could do magic with it). The base is pure steal and it sits on the table like a anvil. 

PA1MAR Single paddle key


I got this Single Paddle key from Marcel PA1MAR a few years ago as a gift. It's hand made by Marcel him self (check out his QRZ.COM page for more hand made keys) and uses the mechanic of a vintage relay for contact. It's very light to the touch and a bit delegate, so it's more of a display key then a work key. 

Mc Murdo 


Found this McMurdo military grade waterproof hand key years ago on the DNAT hamfest. Normally it comes with a leg band but that one was so rotten I have thrown it a way. It's a key which I always have in my fieldradio go kit and although its not light to the touch it's good enough for some QRS CW.   

More info about this key can be found here : link

Heathkit HD-1410 electronic keyer  


This Heatkit HD-1410 electronic keyer belonged to my friend Jan PA0JWZ (SK). I got it from his wife when I helped her tearing down the antenna's and cleaned out boxes in the garage after Jan went SK. It seems that Jan had it for years and we think he bought it as defect so he could work on it for fun. 

A week later I took it out of the bag. It smelted like it was been roasted so I opened it and saw a script for a hamradio horror story. Wires where soldered together without insulation, mains indicator light was replaced but old wire was hanging loos, wires where burned and it had collected enough nicotine soaked dust in it to roll a few cigarettes. Good thing that I ordered a can of 10L isopropyl alcohol for 3D resin printing, so when I took it apart I could clean all the parts. I removed all the wires and re-wired it. Totally it took me about 3 hours but it still works and now smells nice.
I posted a few pictures and a short movie on my Instagram account, but don't mind the terrible keying, filming with one hand and keying with the other, not my cup of thee. But very happy with the result.

It's on display in my display cabinet in my living room.  



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