(SOLD) Digital LCD Microscope

Digital LCD Microscope is designed for conducting applied research. It can be used for observing volume objects (coins, seeds, insects). It easy-to-use and perfect for studies or as a hobby and can be used for professional activity. 

You can save the results of your observations as photos or videos. Recordings are saved to the memory card .

A great advantage of the microscope is its autonomous work. A built-in battery provides up to 7 hours of continuous work. The microscope can also be powered via a USB port of a computer, if necessary. This microscope can also be powered by USB supply.


Digital microscope with a 4.3" LCD screen
Magnification: from 20 to 600x
Ability to record videos and take pictures  
Powered by a built-in battery or via a computer USB port

Price : euro 40,00 incl the Articulating arm. SOLD

Included a original holder (shown image below) and a Articulating arm stand with holder. 


 Example PCB. used for the pictures below.


 The Articulating arm stand with holder.


Image on screen (aliasing is due to taking the picture with my mobile). 


 Image taken microscope.


14 cm work height. 


Minimal height.



Image on screen (aliasing is due to taking the picture with my mobile). 


Image taken microscope.