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When people buy one of my PCB's, kits etc. I ask then if they send me a picture when they build it or using it. Below you find images some OM's send me.
OM's thanks for the pictures. All pictures (c) to the OM. 

Gialt PE1OLM

Confirmed the reception of the ready build QRP-Labs filter adapter PCB V2 for NanoVNA. 



Bought a digital license for 6 PCB's because several of his club have both NanoVNA and QCX’s.
He send me a picture of one he build.


and a few days later send me picture of a board on which he replaced the female SMA connectors with male SMA connectors so the adapter could directly be used on the NanoVNA.



Remark : for those who also want's to use them directly on the NanoVNA, The position of the connectors of the adapter and the NanoVNA don't excactly line up. So you have to use the NanoVNA as a mold for the correct position.

When I got my hands on two male SMA connectors I also build one like this. And a have to say that it works great. When you use the 3D printed base, you have to use a x acto knife to trim a little of one of the slots. 

Great idea John. Really love it.



When Ton PA0ARR received his package he send me e-mail. 

Calibratie is super gemakkelijk met alles zo aan boord.
Hierbij een paar foto's van een 14 MHz LPF.
Nog even wat BPF's checken/afregelen...
Bedankt voor de snelle service en het extra gele SMA sleuteltje.
73 Ton PA0ARR

Translation : 

Calibration is super easy with everything on board.
Here a few photos of a 14 MHz LPF.
Next  check / adjust some BPFs ...
Thanks for the fast service and the extra yellow SMA key.
73 Tons PA0ARR




Thanks for the compliment. Ton.