Chess computers

On this page I will show some information about the (old) chess computers I have.

I had more which aren't listed below, because I sold them to finance new chess related shopping like the DGT Pegasus

Chess Challenger 7  

My first chess computer ever bought by me when I was 12 years old  at Bart-Smit. A that time "the" toy store of The Netherlands. 

Elo 1311 so strong enough for this average player. 

  • Kings height : 50 mm
  • Square size : 21 mm


Still have the original packaging . .  


. .  and the original manual 


Mephisto II  

The Mephisto II is a 1980's chess computer made by Hegener & Glaser in Germany. Got it including the original box, manuals and even the bill (shocking expensive for that time)

Elo 1332 so strong enough for this average player. 




Mephisto III  

The Mephisto III is a 1980's chess computer made by Hegener & Glaser in Germany. I got this one including a nice wooden box, 2 manuals and the modules I, II and III but was noted not to be working. So my formal education (Electronics) and my main hobby (Hamradio) came in handy repairing this old black brick.  A few components where replaced and it now works again. Allowing me to use all the 3 modules. One thing I could fixed was the demolish battery compartment. So for now it's doomed to be used with a external power source. 

Elo 1464 so strong enough for this average player. 


Module III is showing his welcome message "PLAY" (Module I en II only show a "_    ") 


Mephisto III module


Mephisto II module


Mephisto I module



Mephisto Europa  

The Mephisto Europa is a 1987's chess computer made by Hegener & Glaser in Germany. It's a nice and compact chess computer powered by just 4 AA batteries with pressure sensitive field. Got it including the original box, manuals.  Often I pick it up from the cabinet to play a quick game of chess. 

Elo 1683 so challenging enough for this average player. 





DGT Centaur

The  DGT Centaur is the DGT entry level chess computer using there patented sensor board technology with a ePaper display and (build in) battery powered. and although I don't own one my self, my former partner (still a very good friend of my) offered me to borrowed one for a while to have the opportunity to play against it.

And have to say : IMHO a great chess computer for the average player because of the adaptive learning system in it.

  • Kings height : 86 mm
  • Square size : 48 mm



Illuminated rings underneath the field show the move made and requested from the computer (image below, computer is playing black).


The ePaper display is continues showing the current field and the moves made.  



Maybe there will be more in the future . . . . 

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