BNC dust cap


After working on my Elecraft K2 I accidentally connected my antenna to the wrong port and it took me 15 minutes to find out what the problem was. 
So to prevent dust and stupidity I designed a simple twist and lock BNC dust cap. I have tested it on all my BNC chassis parts in the shack and it fits all of them.


Now the un-used ports are capped for dust and stupidity. 




Make your own, get the STL File

The STL file is can be downloaded by clicking on the image below.



Let's try something different

For the  3D designs most of the time I use Tinkercad (as shown above) but I have used Freecad in the past for some simple 3D designs. 

So to compare I wanted to redraw the dust cap into FreeCad. And after a few hours, most of the time was searching and reading manuals, I managed to draw the dust cap into FreeCad. 


It's harder to work with then Tinkercad but it's a very powerfull application with lots of features. 

For those interested, I'm willing to share the FreeCad design file. Just send me a e-mail or use the contact form


Want to have, but don't have a 3D printer

When you don't have a 3D pinter and don't know anyone who has them, I be willing to print these parts on demand and sell them to you.
Check out the For sale page for more info.