2015 February walks

2015 February walks


11 February

Not a fieldday but starting the third day of the flue I got bored like hell and although all the muscle pain, coughing and sneezing , I dropped a coax connected to my endfed through my bedroom window and hooked it up to my FT817nd. now listing in bed to various hamstation rounds in 40m. much better then TV.


8 February

On 8 February I went to the birthday in Winsum JO23td (small vilage in Friesland northen part of the Netherlands) and after siting a few hours there, the kids and I headed to the outskirts of the village having a field day setup. Made a few nice qrp contacts with my FT817ND. 2.5W 20/40m diy endfed with Z817. Qso's with : SV5BYR, RW3DSR, VK6IA, RA3RMG, RA3RQF, DG2RON/P. And heard VK6IA 58 Clear but couldn't break the pile up.

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