2015 December walks

2015 December walks


26 December

It's been a low and slow hamradio month this last month of the year. Busy at work, the large amount of dutch holidays and off-course visiting family during these holidays didn't leave much room for hamradio activities.

But on the second Christmas day, all the family obligations where done, the kids where back to there mother having Christmas obligations with her side of the family and the XYL and this OM had time to catch up on sleep.

Having recharged the batteries a little, we decided to go for a walk in our favorite nature area near our QTH, the Salandse heuvelrug around JO32fi and off-course some hamradio equipment was taken with us.  The walk to the cabin on the top was a muddie one, the weather was clouded but not that could (warmest Christmas in years according the KNMI) and a lot of people had the same idea. Which reminded me of the fieldreport from July 2015 but that wouldn't spoil the fun this time (if you're haven't read it, check it out).

The call tag on my backpack.

The diy 10/20/40m End Fed antenna hanging from the cabin to a nearby tree.

Equipment : Yaesu FT-817, LDG Z817 tuner, 5W in a 10/20/40m DIY End Fed antenna, a 7Ah 12V drycell accu pack and a presentation folder with bandplans, QSL cards (you never know who you meed in the fields), license, pre-printed logbook sheet and a hardbord plate for writing.

A view nice QSO's made and added to the Logbook.

All photo's by XYL Eva :-)

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