2014 July walks

2015 July walks


Sunday QRP field afternoon

a sunday qrp "i want to test my new diy Multibandfuchs by DL7AQT" fieldafternoon. Because of the nice weather XYL Eva packed a few books and came along to relax. (info about the design : http://www.qrpproject.de/UK/fuchs_ant_.htm )


Summer in the city

Spend a today at a recration lake and put my fieldkit case with the FT-817 to work. While the kids where playing at the beach and in the water and my girlfriend was charging up in the sun, I hangout my 20/40m endfed. After some tuning and.listening I fired up te hole 2.5watt ;-) and started to search the "Fair" bands. And made some nice QSO's to : IQ3TN, F4HHL, IN3HUU, GA14CG and a very nice long QSO to HB9EWB/P exchanging equipment and setup information. So a well spend QRP lazy day setup.

The nextday it was still hot and the kids wanted to go again.

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