12V 7Ah leadcell powerpole adapter

As you can read on this website, I have been using Anderson PowerPoles as my 12V/13.8V standard connector. For working in the field I all ways use these 12V 7Ah lead acid battery cells to which lead is connected with a Anderson PowerPole at the end. In one of my more resent field trips that lead snapped of and I had to improvise making a connection again (long live DuckTape).

So when I came home I decided to make a adapter which I could fit on the the battery allowing me to directly connect aAnderson PowerPole connector and should have a 5A fuse like used in cars.

After building a rough prototype, I designed a PCB layout which I could print to sticker sheet to help me cut and mill the PCB (PDF of this PCB can be dowload here). 


After applying the sticker to a PCB I used my  Roller, Set and Cut combination to make the PCB to size (could have use a saw but when you have the tools, why don't use them). And used a file to make the gap for the PowerPole connector (don't forget to wear a face mask for the dust).


With a hobby knife I carved in a few lines to help guide the mil. 


Next step : some milling to separate the area's. (again don't forget to wear a face mask for the dust).


The result of milling with the sticker removed. The adhesive was removed with a little rubbing alcohol. 


Next step align the terminal connectors. 


I had to rim the terminal connectors so they stay in there area. And placed a tooth pick underneath the battery terminals to get a bit of distance between the terminal and the PCB. 


Same applied to the connectors for the fuse. 


 For the PowerPole connector I used a piece of 2.5m2 copper wire which I crimped into the contacts. Inserted that in to the PowerPole connector and soldered these the PCB. 


Next using TinkerCad I designed a cap which you can put on top of it to prevent from sparks flying around when you put the battery in you backpack. 


For some reasons there where a few printing errors, but that's no problem. It fits, and works. 



I'm going to put it in place with some Duck Tape for a semi permanent fixture.


All done and I hope that this weekend I have a opertunity to use it in the field (although the expectation of the Dutch weather aren't that good).

PCB design

I made a PDF containing the PCB layout (4 x) which when printed at 100% at a sticker sheet, you  can use for cutting and milling your own PCB.  

Cap design

The STL for the CAP can be downloaded from Tinkercad.

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