Mods, fixes and add-on's

Working with old stuff sometimes forces you to make a few mods but often new equipment can be better then before.

Modifications for  FT-817/817ND/818 / Z817

  • LDG Z817 BNC mod because I like to work with BNC connectors on QRP
  • FT-817 speaker replacement. The internal speaker from the FT-817 can be a hole lot better then the factory fitted.
  • FT-817 PowerPole. A 3D printed adapter to use Anderson Power Pole connectors on directly on a FT817(ND)
  • FT-817/818 Protector A 3D printed set of protector rails and tilt feet for the FT817/818.
  • FT-817/818 cover A 3D printed cover for your FT817/818 when traveling around or going outdoor. It looks cool in the shack also. 

Modifications for Kenwood TS-700G 

Modifications for Yaesu FT-221R

Modifications for Yaesu FRG-7 

Modifications for retrofitting 

Modifications for Elecraft K2

  • K2 USB interface, a USB interface with a FTDI adapter to connect you K2 to your computer over USB (incl 3D printed parts)
  • K2 BPF aligment with a NanoVNA, using a NanoVNA you can allign the BPF in your K2. 
  • K2 won't shut up, on my K2 I couldn't turn down the volume to 0, so I started to dig around why and found it.
  • K2 digimodule, I want to use my K2 also with digital modes and for that I needed a inteface which wanted to build into my K2.
  • K2 IF adapter, I wanted the K2 ZF adapter for my Elecraft K2, but unfortunately they stopped at the end of 2022. So I build my own Through Hole version.

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