QSL card design

A while ago I though is would be to design me a real QSL card which I could print at home on a color laser or even let it print a proffesional off-set shop. To get inspiration I took a good look at various designs found on internet QSLCard galleries and also some real-life examples from fellow OM's. With these cards and designs in mind I stand behind the drawing board (yes I still have a real full-size A0 drawing board stinding in my livingroom ).

After an initial design and some legitimate comments from my girlfriend, who works in the Marketing & Communications (Eva many thanks and xxx), we worked together and came up to the following design. The dimensions are 14 x 9 cm which is pretty much the standard for a QSLCard design.


QSLcard_front_small.jpg (680×444)


QSLcard_back_small.jpg (680×444)

Aditional note :

The photo is a digital infrared photo made with a Nikon D50 with a Hoya Infrared R72 filter (more info about digital IR)

Update 10 mrt 2014 :

After waiting a few weeks for the finals, today the postman deliverd the batch QSL cards printed by CoolQSL.Com. Just have to say outstanding print work and the lamination for the glossy front side is super strong (made some writing error on a card to be send and almost couldn't tear it in halve).


Another update 10 mrt 2014 :

After writing a few card I found out that I made a classic Dyslexic error in the front design. The locator was spelled JO32MI where it should have been JO32HI . Damn shame but hey thats life :-)

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