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This website I use as a place to post stuff which I thing might help or inspire others on there Hamradio and modelrailroading path. The information is for free, and I am glad to share it with you.

This website doesn't have ads and I try to keep it that way*. Also I don't have sponsors, don't get money from social media companies like YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter etc.,  meaning that all my experiments and the hosting of this website are paid out of my own pockets. Which is OK, I do have a daytime job to get the bills payed.  

But when you like to content on this website, you can support me by :

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** When you buy my parts, products and left-overs, you are supporting me to do new hamradio and maker experiments which most of the time are published on my website and are publicly accessible to benefit the hamradio and maker community. 


I have a extensive wish list with things I want to build or experiment with, but currently I'm saving up for a really big investment for in the shack.

No not the new absolute lovable ICOM IC-705 QRP allband all mode rig or the Elecraft KX-3 or KX-2 (would be great for the outdoors though).  
I'm saving up for a real spectrum analyzer (preferable with a tracking generator).

Why you need a <BEEP> expensive spectrum analyzer would ask? Well before the COVID19 pandemic, every  Monday evening my hamradio club Veron/Vrza-Twente  had a "soldering and measurement" meeting. Turing those meetings, I and a few other hams help members with there projects and assist during construction, testing, fault looking etc. We have a lot of measurement equipment including a Rigol DSA815-TG spectrum analyzer which I often used for tuning filters, tune antennas, measuring output power and spectral clearness, EMI etc. Now a days a lot of people (including me) own a NanoVNA so for tuning filters and antenna's you don't need a full blown spectrum analyzer. But for measuring output power and spectral clearness, now we talking serious hardware. :-) 

So if you have a used but ok working spectrum analyzer with at least 1.5 Ghz frequency range with DANL better then - 140 dBm/Hz which you don't use, please drop me a message. Maybe we can work something out. Until then i'm saving up for a new one. Don't know which one yet because there are more and more affordable models from different brands on the marked now a days.  
And a not to heavy model like the Rigol DSA815-TG has my preference.


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