HamRadio links

HamRadio links

Some handy links to variouse sites on the net reagarding Ham radio.

A lot great resource about the temper of the sun (blackout any one??) :


Blog's and podcasts :





Technical :


Handy and interesting Yaesu FRG-7700 links :


Personal pages from Dutch Hamradio operators :

Personal pages from Non-Dutch Hamradio operators :


Handy stuff :


Callsign lookup databases :


A simple page I wrote with javascript to get a callsign page getting the 3 callsign databases above on one page : http://www.ph2lb.nl/callsignlookup.html

Verenigingen :


A list of online and physical shops where you can buy components :

URL Webshop Physical (City) Standaard components Special hamradio / RF components Arduino / Raspberry components Tools Note
https://www.amateurradioshop.nl/ Yes - Yes Yes Yes Yes  
https://www.brigatti.nl/ Yes Eindhoven Yes - Yes Yes  
https://www.distrelec.nl/ Yes - Yes Yes Yes Yes  
https://www.dutchrfshop.nl/nl/ Yes - Yes Yes - -  
https://www.explorer-elektronica.nl/ - Almelo Yes Yes Yes Yes  
https://www.farnell.com/ Yes - Yes Yes Yes Yes  
https://www.haje.nl/ Yes Berg en Terblijt Yes Yes Yes Yes  
https://www.hf-electronics.nl Yes Haarlem Yes Yes Yes Yes  
https://www.hfkits.nl/webshop-zelfbouw-radio-zendamateurs/ Yes - Yes Yes - -  
https://www.mouser.com/ Yes - Yes Yes Yes Yes  
https://www.okaphone.nl Yes Groningen Yes - Yes Yes  
https://www.reichelt.nl/ Yes - Yes Yes Yes Yes  
https://www.sinuss.nl/ Yes Assen Yes - Yes Yes  
https://www.tinytronics.nl/shop/nl Yes - Yes - Yes Yes  
https://www.vanallesenmeer.nl/ Yes - Yes - Yes Yes  
https://www.vandijkenelektronica.nl/ Yes Groningen Yes Yes - -  


Online Google Sheet you can comment on : link.


More to come.

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