My PicoProbe 

Based on the Appendix in the getting started manual I did my first test with the PicoProbe.


But I don't like having my tools on breadboards laying around and prefer a more permanent tooling.

So I designed a 3D printed holder the Pi Pico holding the PicoProbe software which allowed my to hook up the wires for the SWD port, the Uart and the power VSYS/Gnd. I kept the SWD cables as short as possible and found out that aprx 8 cm works without a problem (remember there are also cables underneath the Pi Pico). In the holder there is room for a 10 pins female header in which the cables with male pin headers soldered to them can be inserted. 


Not bad for the first attempt. 


Hooked it up to a Pi Pico, loaded my counter / blinker program for testing. 


And it worked. 

I made the design public on TinkerCad. But remember, this is still work in progress.