3D printing

3D printing

A few years ago I was looking at 3D printing but couldn't find my self buying one because of the poor quality of the prints in prespective to the price of the printer.
Having designed a few things on in 3D and having them print in high quality resin for my 0 gauge modelrailroad, I kept looking a the printers. And when my son-in-law had printed a few things for me on his own 3D printer, it started to get the quality I want for my projects.

So the end of may 2019 I decided it was time to buy my own and started to look for a simple kitt which would keep a balance between print quality and resolution and price. My good friend Wijnand PD5WL owned  a Creality Ender-3 Pro sinds feb 2019 and having seen a few of his prints, my choice was made.

And early June 2019 my own Creality Ender-3 Pro was deliverd.  So I could start the construction of the printer. Wijnand gave me a few tips and told me that there ares ome "must have" and some "nice to have" upgrades which you could print your own.  So the  fist things I printed where these upgrades :

I can say they indeed are a must have.

Current printer setup

I installed the printer on a IKEA 2x2 KALLAX. It's a sollid base and the 4 spaces give room to store tools and filements (and more stuff offcourse).

A few tips :

  1. Install a smoke alarm above the printer. You are working with heat and you may never now.
  2. Never leave the printer running when your not home. See tip #1.
  3. Put some foam blocks underneed you printer. When the printer is printing  it may resonate on the table and make some annoying sound.
  4. Don't throw away your mis prints, a local hacker/maker space may have some use for it (recycling).

Recommended video's

Some good video's which helped me :


Find 3D things to print.

Before I owned a 3D printer I made some 3D designed and posted them on my Thingiverse.com account to share them with other 3D printers. I'm still use Thingiverse a lot to look for cool designs and frequenctly upload my designs to it.