Pico pin label cap

When your using the Pico on a breadboard you find that the labeling on the bottom isn't one of the best design ideas. So after plugging in some wires in the wrong holes (the Pico did survive), I came up with the idea of a label cap with printed on top one of the 4 pin configurations of the Pico. 

So I used Tinkercad to design model which would fit on top of the Pico, having room for the Pins for a nice fit. 


And used InkScape to draw the stickers which you can place on top of the label cap.


RPi-Pico-R3 cheat case

Fired up my 3D printer and the laser printer and made the first prototype of the label cap. 

The bottom view of the cap. A little rough on the edges this proto type but it works. 


It has a nice fit and won't drop off when you are using male header strips on the pico.


Have to say, I'm happy with the result. So I printed 3 more and made a serie of 4 Pico pin label caps.  


(click on the image to zoom in).

I finished up the designs STL and the SVG file, and zipped them in a zipfile you can download through this Link (containing STL, SVG and PDF).