OLED display frame


A few months ago I ordered a  ATU100 kit from China (without a case), and on a rainy weekend I decided to build it together.  This ATU is equipped with a 1.3" OLEDd display and one thing I hate about these displays is that you almost can't install them without damaging the glass. Thinking about it, I decided that I need a 3D printable frame which puts all the mechanic stress on the PCB instead on the glass.

So I took the mechanical data from the datasheet and started to design a frame in Tinkercad. 


After a half of hour of drawing and 20 minutes of printe, the first prototype was ready for testing. 



It fits and looks good. 


And the 0.2mm space between for front of the glass and the front of the frame prevents mechanical stress on the glass. 


Installed with a piece of acrylic glass in front of it on a temporary front panel made of PCB. 


I'm happy I used a old piece of PCB as a front panel because I wan't sure how the final front would look like. I didn't like the screws positions of the OLED PCB (the effective area is off center).

So back to the drawing board and I made another design. This one holds the OLED display and allowed the frame to be glued to the front plate with double sided adhesive tape. The display is hold to the frame by 4 pins, which are melted down with a soldering iron.


Very happy with the result.


When I was add it and some people told me that this was a big problem solver, I also created frames for the 0.96 inch OLED displays. 


Turned out that I miss calculated the diameter of the pins, but for some reason the newer 0.96 inch OLED display has bigger holes :-S 




Make your own, get the STL Files  

You can download the STL files for 1.3 Inch and 0.96 Inch OLED Displays  from this website :


 Also you can download (or modify) them from my Tinkercad page.