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Apr 23, 2021
Category: General
Posted by: lex

Because I recently got a addition FT817ND I tried to order a new speaker at my local modelrailroad shop but they had problems delivering it (it was out of stock).

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Apr 15, 2021
Category: General
Posted by: lex

Years ago my childeren build a few crystal radio kit from Chris Dorna PE1DZX which he sold through his website. When Chhris stopped making these kits, he let that website expire to be lost for ever. Recently I was contacted by a ham who wanted to build these radio's and still had the kit building instructions in PDF. I asked Chris if he was ok with it that I shared these PDF's and hosted them on my website. Chris was ok with that so from now on the kit building instructions can be downloaded here.  
Big credits to Chris. 

Apr 11, 2021
Category: General
Posted by: lex

My previous 1206 Attenuator design was a horror story because there where 2 big flaws in it. 
Fixed those, ordered a "small" batch, which came in last Saturday. Build two for testing.
Now they seem to work up to 1.2GHz (good enough for the hobby).  
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