FT817 headset adapter


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Nov 27, 2021
Category: General
Posted by: lex

As a hamradio homebrewer I often use my NanoVNA to measure filters, antennas and crystals. But a NanoVNA is much more than that, you can also measure components with it. 

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Now also availible as complete or build kit. Check out this ForSale page

Aug 2, 2021
Category: General
Posted by: lex

What's on my hamradio bookshelf? After cleaning the shack I thought about adding a article to this blog on which book i have and use in the shack.

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Jul 12, 2021
Category: General
Posted by: lex

After a few weeks I decided to setup the dish temporary in my backyard and made some cables to wire every thing up.. The original setup had a off focus placed 4.5 turn helix which was ok, but didn't give the expected  punch and  the signals where a little bit weak in SSB on the QO-100. Other operators told me that the signal was readable but not that strong.  So that was one thing to improve and the idea a of a new Helix feed was born.  

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